Taegeted Public Agencles

All public agencies except the institutions that must stay in the capital region are going to be relocated to local areas in view of the strategies to solve the concentration in the capital region and to promote characteristic-based regional development.

Select Public Agencies to be Relocated

As described by the ‘Special Act for Balanced National Development,’ a total of 410 public institutions including the central administrative organizations that exist at present, and 85% or 346 out of 410 total are located in the capital region.

According to Article 18 of the Act and Article 15 of the Enforcement Ordinance, all public agencies expect the institutions that fall under the categories listed below will be relocated to local areas based upon the characteristics of each region.

Select 175 out of 346 public agencies that are located in the capital region through ‘Committee on Balanced National Development’ deliberation.

Current Status of Public Agencies Targeted for Relocation

Current Status of Public Agencies Targeted for Relocation
Number of Public Agencies in Korea Number of Public Agencies in the Metropolitan Area Public Agencies Targeted for Relocation
Total Organization Government-Invested Organization Government-Supported Organization Corporation
410 346 175 67 26 53 29

Transfer to Provincial Cities

Basic Direction

  • Public Agencies will be relocated to 12 metro cities/provinces except the Seoul Metropolitan area and Daejeon where Daedeok Science Town is located based upon the principle of equity.
  • In order to maximize the effects of relocating the pubic agencies to localities, agencies dealing with similar types of works will be grouped into the same category.

Functional Category of City/Province and Current Status of Relocation

City/Province Functional Category Number of Relocated Public Agencies
Busan Maritime Affairs
& Fisheries,
Financial Industry,
Film (Motion Picture)
Promotion, etc.
Korea Ocean Research & Development Intitute
Korea Maritime Institute
National Oceannographic Research Instite
National Fisheries Products Quality Inspection Service
Korea Asset Management Corporation
Korea Housing Finance Corporation
Korea Secunties Depository
Korea Housing Guarantee Corporation
Korean Film Council
Korea Media Rating Board
Korea Southern Power & Co.,Ltd
Korea Youth Counseling Institute
Daegu Industry Promotion,
Education &
Academy Promotion,
Gas Industry, etc.
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation and Planning
Korea Industrial Complex Corp.
Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
Korea Research Foundation
Korea Foundation for the Promotion School
National Education & HRD Training Institute
Korea Education & Research Information Service
Korea Gas Corporation
National Computerization Agency
Korea Appraisal Board
National 119 Rescue Services
Central Physical Examination Center
Gwangju Power Industry Korea Electric Power Corporation
Korea Plant Service & Engineering Co.,Ltd
Korea Power Exchange
Ulsan Energy Industry,
Labor Welfare,
Industrial Safety, etc.
Korea National Oil Corporation
Korea Energy Management Corporation
Korea Energy Economics Institute
Korea East-West Power
Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency
Human Resources Development Service Of Korea
Korea Labor Welfare Corporation
Workers Accident Medical Coporation
Ministry Of Labor
Driver's License Agency
National Institute for Disaster Precention
Gangwon Mining Industry,
Health & Life,
Tourism, etc
Korea Resources Coporation
Korea Coal Corporation
Mine Reclamation Corp.
National HealthInsurance Corporation
Health Insurance Review Agency
The Republic of Korea National Red Cross
Korea Vererans Welfare & Healthcare Corporation
Korea Tourism Organization
Korea National Park Service
Korea Forest Service
National Institute of Scientific Investigation
Road Traffic Authrity
Korea Research Institute for Local Asministration
Chungbuk Information &
Telecommunication (IT),
Human Resource Development,
Science Technology, etc.
Korea Information Society Development Institute
Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency
National Internet Development Agency
Korean Educational Development Institute
Korea Institute of Curriculum & Evaluation
Central Officials Training Intitute
Legal Research and Traininng Institute
Korea Labor Education Institute
Korea Gas Safety Corporation
Korea Consumer Protection Board
Agency for Technology and Standards
Korea Institute of Science & Technology Evaluation and Planning
Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention
National Institute of Toxicological Research
Korea Health Industry Development Institute
Jeonbuk National Development
Agricultural Biotechnology,
Food Research, etc.
Korea Land Corporation
Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation
National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology
National Inst. of Ag. Biotechnology
National Institute Agricultural Engineering
National Horticutural Research Institute
National Institute of Crop Science
National Livestock Research Institute
Korea National Agricultural College
Korea Electrical Safety Corporation
Local Government Development Institute
Korea Publication Ethics Commission
Korea Food Research Institute
Jeonnam Information &
Telecommunication (IT),
Culture & Art, etc.
Knowledge Information Service Center
Korea Information Security Agency
Radio Research Laboratory
Korea Radio Station Management Agency
Program Deliberation & Mediation Committee
Korea Agricultural & Rural Infrastructure Corporation
Korea Rural Economic Institute
Agricultural Training Center
Art Council Kore
Korea Culture & Content Agency
Copyright Commission for Deliberation and Conclilation
Korea Electric Power Data Network Co., Ltd.
Korea Coast Guard Academy
The Korea Teachers Pension.
Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corporation
Gyeongbuk Road Transportation,
Innovative Agricultural
Power Technology, etc.
Korea Highway Corporation
Korea Construcation Management Corp.
Korea Transportation Safety Authority
National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service
National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service
National Plant Quarantine Service
National Seed Management Office
Korea Power Engineering Co., Inc.
Korea Federation of Furniture Industry Cooperatives
Supply & Construction Office of MIC
Korean Legal Aid Corporation
Korea Rehabilitation Agency
Korea Meteorological Asministration
Gyeongnam Road Transportation,
Innovative Agricultural
Power Technology, etc.
Korea National Housing Corporation
Korea Housing Management Co., Ltd.
Korea Infrastructure Safety & Technology
Small Business Corporation
Korea Testing Laboratory
Korea Institute of Ceramic Eng. & Tech
Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce
National Pension Corporation
Korea Suoth-East Power Co., Ltd
Korea Elecator Safety Institute
Defense Quality Assurance Agency
Central Customs Laboratory
Jeju International Exchange,
Educational Training,
National Tax Management, etc.
Korea Foundation
Overseas Koreans Foundation
Construction & Transportation Training Institute
National Tax Officials Training Institute
Government Employees Pension Corporation
National Tax Service Technical Service Institute
National Tax Consultation Center
Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion
meteorological research institute
Chungnam Individually Relocated
Public Agency
Korea Western Power Co. Ltd.
Korea Midland Power Co. Ltd.
National Defense University
National Police College
Police Comprehensive Academy
Korea Institute for Special Education
Chungnam Agencies Relocated
to Multifunctional
Administrative City
Free Economic Zone Planning Office
Public Fund Oversight Committee
Mine Registration Office
National Tax Tribunal
Korea Financial Intelligence Unit
Korean Trade Commission
The Ministry of Patriotsand Veterans Affairs
Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Deliberation Committee
Appeals Commission
Korea Post
Korean Electricity Commission
National Labor Rdlations Cornrnission
Ministry Of Construction & Transportation
Marine Accidents Inquiry Agency
Natonal Environmental Dispute Resolution Commission
Secretariat of The Special Economic Zone for Regiona Development
Minimum Wage Council
Korea Communications Commission
Korea Aviation Accident Investigation Board
Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Korean Overseas Information Service
The National Audio Visual Information Service
Appeal Commission For Teachers
National Research Council For Economic Humanties And Social Science
Korea Research Council of Public Science & Technology
Science & Technology Policy Institute
Korea Research Council of Fundamental Science & Technology
Korea Institute for International Economic Policy
Korea Research Councilfor Industrial Science & Technology
Korea Institute For Indusstrial Economics & Trade
The Korea Transport Institute
Korea Labor Institute
Korea Institute for Healthand Social Affairs
Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training
Korea Institute for Youth Development
Korea Environment Institute
Korea Legislation Research Institute
Korea Institute of Public Finance
Korea Development Institute
Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements
Ect.   Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. Ltd.