What is Innovation City?

It is a new futuristic city with the most suitable condition for driving innovation and providing high-quality living environment through the relocation of central functions toward provincial cities and cooperation among industry, academia, research institution and government.

Innovation city is a future-oriented city to be established as a hub for regional growth backed by the relocation project. The city will lay the foundation for creating a new growth engine of regions through cooperation among relocated public agencies, local universities, research institutions, enterprises and local governments.

A total of 4 types of innovation city will be constructed by selecting a theme linked with regional industry and thereby each innovation city well be developed as a place with unique regional characteristics.

pes of Innovation City Development

A city Creating Lnnovatin through NetWork among industry, Academia, Research Institution and Government
Innovation Hub City

  • Drive regional development by connecting relocated public agencies with regional strategic industry
  • Create new growth engines for regional
    development by clustering of industry, academia, research institution and government.

A City with Regional Theme SpecializedCity with Unique Characteristics

  • Create regional and industrial brand for each innovation city
  • Create landmark and unique image to enhance regional identity

A City where Everybody wants to Live in
Environmentally Friendly Green City

  • Preserve natural environment and secure diversity & circulation of ecosystem
  • Establish sustainable urban spatial structure and transportation system that conserve energy and resources

A City with good educational environment and creative exchange
Educational & Cultural City

  • Create good educational environment through upgrading educational conditions including the establishment of special-purpose high schools
  • Display elegant city culture combined with regional characteristics and beautiful landscapes
  • Create U-City equipped with high-tech city operational system to be in line with a knowledge-based era

Development Size of Innovation City

Expected to house some 20,000 ~ 50,000 residents gradually

  • First Stage (2007~2012 Completion of relocation plan)
    • About 2,500~4,000 employees of relocated public agencies and relevant industries and some 15,000~25,000 families
  • Second Stage (2012~2020 Completion of relocation of industry, academia and research institution)
    • About 4,000~8,000 employees of relocated private companies, universities and research institutions and some 25,000~50,000 families
  • Third Stage (2021~2030 Spread of innovation)
    • Due to increased clustering, the number of jobs and induced population will vary from region to region

Development Size of City
Taking environmental factors into consideration such as environmental preservation and good residential environment, the dwelling area per person will be limited to 250~350 ha per person

  • Overall development size includes lands for city to accommodate residents, relocated agencies, cluster of industry, academia and research institution, and reservation areas
  • When per person dwelling area of 25~50 pyeong (level of domestic new town) is applied,
    • Land area of about 500,000~1 million pyeong should be secured to accommodate 20,000 people
    • Land area of a bout 1.5~2.5 million pyeong should be secured to accommodate 50,000 people