Selection Standards & Procedure

10 sites have been designated for the construction of ‘Innovation City’, taking into consideration the principles of both efficiency and equity through consultations between the government and the Site Selection Committee of each city and province.
The government will make all-out efforts to prevent real estate speculation and sporadic development within the designated sites.

Selection Standards

Possibility of Development as Innovation Hub

  • Proximity to transportation
  • Suitability as innovation hub
  • Availability of infrastructure and convenient facilities of the existing cities

Need for City Development

  • Readiness and economic effect of city development
  • Environmentally-friendly development sites

Possibility of Shared Growth within Region

  • Balanced development within
  • Ways to share achievements of innovation city
  • Local government's support

※ Relocation of Public Agencies outside the Capital Region and Construction of Innovation City
- Major Implementation Work and Relevant Laws
- Sept. 2005 (Guidelines on the Site Selection of Innovation City, p 14)


  • Organize Site Selection Committee ( September 28, 2005)
    • Establish ‘Innovation City Site Selection Committee’ for each city and province.
    • Around 20 members including the Chairman of the Committee, △ Consists of experts in national territory & urban planning, region’s economy & industry △ and nominees of Relocation Agency Council.
  • Evaluation of Proposed Sites and Site Designation
    • According to detailed standards which reflect the established guidelines for site designation and the characteristics of each city and province based upon the study of an expert research institution, the Committee has evaluated the proposed sites.
  • Consultation and Site Designation
    • A total of ten regions have been selected as sites for the new town project through consultations with the government regarding the evaluation and designation of the proposed sites in February 2006.


Preventive Measures for Real Estate Speculation and Sporadic Development

  • Selected sites and the surrounding areas will be designated as Area for Land Transaction Permission and will limit giving approvals for building construction and development activities.
  • Operate Headquarters for Establishing Measures to Curb Real Estate Speculation and implement measures to eradicate unlawful activities aiming at earning compensation.

Implementation Schedule of Innovation City

Implementation Schedule of Innovation City
Implementation Procedure Implementation Body Implementation Period
Innovation City Site Selection Site Selection Committee Mayor, Governor (city/province) Feb.2006
Decide Developer (Unofficial) Minister of Construction and Transportation (Consultations with mayor/governor) Feb.2006
Research on Establishing Basic Direction of Innovation City Establish Basic Plan for Each Innovation City MOCT Developer Feb.~Apr. 2006
Apr.~Jul. 2006
Propose Designation of Innovation City (※ Land Use Planning & Prior Environment Review)
(※ Intra-Governmental Consultations, Prior Environment Review, Metropolitan Transportation Review)
Developer Jun.~Jul. 2006
Designate District and Developer of Innovation City Minister of Construction and Transportation Sept. 2006
Apply for Development Plan Approval(※Open biddings for Basic Plan Development Services and Development Plan Services at the same time)
(※ Establish Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Measures)
Developer Jan. 2007
Approve Development Plan Minister of Construction and Transportation May. 2007
Apply for Implementation Plan Approval(※ District-Based Planning)
(※ Traffic, Disaster and Environment Impact Assessment)
Developer Aug. 2007
Approve Implementation Plan Minister of Construction and Transportation Nov. 2007
Place Order for Construction and Start Construction Work Developer Dec. 2007
Complete Relocation of Public Agencies Outside the Capital Region MOCT 2012


Promote Enactment of the Special Act on Supporting the Construction of Innovation City

  • Plans to establish the Special Act on Supporting the Construction of Innovation City for an efficient and constant implementation of the innovation city construction project.
    (Expected to enter into force from 2007)
  • Major issues are △ ways to support relocated public agencies and their employees, △ ways to dispose and use the previous sites △ establishment of special accounts, △ and procedure of urban development.