Method of General Sales & Procedures

Method of General Sales

  • Selling price is the amount of arithmetic mean of two appraisal values estimated by two appraisal corporations.
  • Marketing in "On-Bid" program( of Korea Asset Management Corporation through Open Bidding Method.
  • In case of unsuccessful bidding, re-marketing should proceed again with the price set based on the appraisal value.
  • When sale is not complete in a predetermined period, the property is entrusted to a government investment enterprise for selling.

General Sales Procedures



Contracts for Sale of Existing Property

Contracts for Sale of Existing Property
Items Details
Party concerned A successful bidder and a would-move public agency
Downpayment Equal to or more than 10% of successful bidding price
Payment Installments payment available
Transfer of Ownership Transfer after completion of paying the balance
Special Conditions If transfer of ownership is delayed after completion of paying the balance, the public agency should pay rent estimated in accordance with "Act on Governmental Property".

※ Payment method and special conditions would be disclosed on sales notice by the public agency concerned.

Location Map of Existing Property

(To be sold in general sales method in 2011)


1 Korea Rural Economic Institute 25 Korea Resources Corporation
2 Korea Development Institute 26 Korea Industrial Complex Corporation
3 Mine Reclamation Corporation 27 Korea Testing Laboratory
4 National Information Society Agency(annex) 28 Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology
5 Korea Education & Research Information Service 29 Korea Expressway Corporation
6 Korean Red Cross 30 Korea Food Research Institute
7 KOROAD 31 Korea Land & Housing Corporation(Housing)
8 NTS Liquors Licence AID Center 32 Korea Land & Housing Corporation(Land)
9 Korea Consumer Agency 33 National Information Society Agency
10 Korea Police Investigation Agency 34 Korean Red Cross(annex)
11 Korea Post Information Center 35 Korea Energy Management Corporation
12 Korea Electrical Safety Corporation 36 Agricultural Training Institute
13 Korea Institute of Public Finance 37 Korean Red Cross(annex)
14 National IT Industry Promotion Agency 38 Korea Rural Corporation
15 Korea Appraisal Board 39 Korea Energy Economics Institute
16 Korea Institute of Curriculum & Evaluation 40 Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements
17 Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology 41 Korea Seed and Variety Service
18 Korea Veterans Health Service 42 National Plant Quarantine Service
19 Korea Internet Security Agency 43 National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service
20 Korea Legislation Research Institute 44 Korea Infrastructure Safety & Technology Corporation
21 Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corporation 45 National Oceanographic Research Institute
22 Korea Student Aid Foundation 46 Korean Film Council(annex)
23 Korea Development Institute(company housing) 47 Korea Electrical Safety Corporation(annex)
24 Korea Education Development Institute 48 dio Research Agency