Hub for Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, Film and Finance Connecting Land and Sea

Busan will be fostered as the central city of movie, international events and trade in East Asia by transferring public agencies related to movie, finance and maritime affairs & fisheries.

Selected Innovation City District & Number of Relocated Public Agencies

  • Multi-dwelling residential area (Logistics Command Area, Gangseo), public agencies will be relocated to 3 functional areas
    (Reclaimed land in Dongsamdong, Financial complex in Munhyeondong, Centurm City)
  • 12 relevant agencies in the industries of maritime affairs & fisheries, finance and movie promotion.

Relocate Maritime Affairs & Fisheries Function Group by Taking into Consideration the Characteristics of Busan as Hub of Fisheries, Port and Logistics

  • Enhance the Status of Busan as a Bridge Connecting Land and Sea by Becoming Hub for International Port Logistics and Fisheries Distribution

Relocate Finance Industry Function Group to Foster the Second Largest Financial Hub by Clustering of Inter-related Institutions such as Korea Exchange (KRX) and Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund.

  • Promote as the center of metropolitan economy by enhancing international finance and trade functions in line with the development of Busan Free Economic Zone.
  • Play the role of providing industrial infrastructure support to South-East Asian countries.

Relocate film related organizations considering the strong foundation of regional film industry such as Busan International Film Festival and transfer other relevant institutions under the consideration of local industry.