Capital of High-Tech Futuristic Industrial Cluster

Gwangju-Jeonnam as joint innovation city will be promoted as a cultural capital merging with the regional economy by forming an industrial cluster of energy, IT and culture & art industries.

Selected Innovation City District & Number of Relocated Public Agencies

  • South Naju City Keumchon : 2,300,000 pyeong
  • Gwangju : 3 Electric Power Related Organizations
  • Jeonnam : 15 Organizations Related to IT, Agriculture and Culture & Art Industries


Designated Gwangju as the City to Relocate Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPO) and Two Related Agencies (Korea Plant Service & Engineering Co., Ltd. and Korea Power Exchange) through a Thorough and Transparent Evaluation According to the Basic Agreement Between the Central Government and Local Governments.

  • Foster as new hub for Korea’s energy industry by building up a cluster of metropolitan energy industry.
  • Be in line with the advancement of energy technology and clean energy related research institutions such as new and renewable energies.

Facilitate Synergy Effect by Linking with the Relocated Agencies such as Korea Electric Power Data Network Co., Ltd, IT Center and Cultural Contents Institute.


Relocate IT Industry Function Group to Speed Up the Establishment of Metropolitan Cluster Linked with Gwangju and High-Tech Industry

  • Contribute to advancement of local industrial structure by forming a network with power industry cluster and film & culture industry of Gwangju.

Relocate Agricultural Industry Function Group to Strengthen Local Development Strategy Focused on the Characteristics of the City.

  • Contribute to upgrade the agricultural structure by playing the role of locomotive to promote the local strategic industry, agriculture and Biotechnology Industry.

Relocate other Relevant Agencies Taking into Consideration the Ways to Support Culture & Art Industry and Relatihoship with the KEPO and Local Characteristics.