Environmentally-Friendly High-Tech Energy Mecca Where Human and Nature Coexist in Harmony

Ulsan will be promoted as a central city for establishing energy cooperative system and long-term national energy policies by transferring energy industry and labor & welfare function group to the manufacturing city.

Selected Innovation City District & Number of Relocated Public Agencies

  • Ulsan City Junggu Ujongdong : 840,000 pyeong
  • 11 Related Agencies including Energy, Labor Welfare and Industrial Safety Related Organizations

Relocate Energy Function Group Taking into Consideration the Development of Oil Refining Industry and the Highly Energy-Consuming Industrial Structure

  • Add energy related functions to the city centered around manufacturing industries including automobile, shipbuilding and petrochemical industry.
  • Establish innovation-oriented growth foundation by reinforcing the functions related to energy research & development and energy conservation.

Relocate Labor Welfare Function Group Taking into Consideration the Characteristics of Ulsan Metropolitan City as Industrial City

  • Contribute to the improvement of quality of life and welfare conditions by increasing the welfare of workers and job training.

Relocate other Relevant Agencies Taking into Consideration the Strengthening of Industrial Safety and Research on Industrial Accident Prevention