IT Technopolis of & BT Industry

Realize 『Biotopia Chungbuk』 Techonopolis with Active R&D Activities , the Center of IT and BT along with the Ochang Science Complex by Fostering IT Policies and Human Resources.

Selected Innovation City District & Number of Relocated Public Agencies

  • Jincheongun Ducksnmyeon, Umsonggun Maengdongmyeon : 2m090,000 pyeong
  • 12 IT, Human Resource Development and Science Technology Related Agencies

Relocate IT Function Group Taking into Consideration the Growth Potential of Local IT Industry Linked with BT Industry

  • Become an innovation cluster with active R&D activities by fostering related polices and human resources.

Relocate Human Resource Development Function Group Taking into Consideration the Strong Local Educational Infrastructure and Proximity to other Regions

  • Meet the education demand arising from the nearby Multifunctional Administrative Town.

Relocate Science Technology and Gas Safety Related Agencies Taking into Consideration the Proximity to other Regions and Work Relationship with the Central Government