Bio Industry Mecca Connecting Traditional Culture with Sate-of-the-Art Technology

Jeonbuk, the traditional agricultural city will be transformed into world class cluster of national territory & urban development research institutions and agriculture & BT industry.

Selected Innovation City District & Number of Relocated Public Agencies

  • Wangjugun Iseonmyeon, Junju City Mansongdong : 2,800,000 pyeong
  • 13 National Territory Development & Management, Agricultural Biotechnology and Food Research Related Agencies

Relocate National Territory Development & Management Function Group Taking into Consideration the Government-led Projects such as Large Scale National Industrial Complex and Multifunctional Administrative Town and the Geographical Characteristics

  • Create a new development model linked with the specialization strategy of local universities while carrying out the current large scale Metropolitan Area Development plan.

Relocate 1st Agriculture Support Group Taking into Consideration its Characteristics as the Central City of Agriculture

  • Promote the establishment of BT & Life innovation cluster in line with the fostering of food, BT and traditional oriental medicine industry in Jeonbuk.
  • Promote to become a hub for driving value-added agricultural industry.

Relocate other Relevant Agencies Taking into Consideration the Proximity with the Multi-Functional Administrative Town and the Relationship with Local Industries