Hub for Mechatronics Leading Korea

Gyeongnam will be promoted as a hub for Mechatronics, the cluster of intelligent robot industry which is the key industry of Korea along with machinery and aerospace industries, backed by rich tourism resources and good transport system of Namhae.

Selected Innovation City District & Number of Relocated Public Agencies

  • Jinju City Munsaneup Somunry : 1,260,000 pyeong
  • 12 Housing Construction, SME Promotion and National Pension Related Agencies

Relocate Housing Construction Function Group Taking into Consideration the Housing Construction Demand in South East Asia

Facilitate the Development by Connecting with Home Automation, Disaster Prevention Technology and Heavy Construction Equipment Industry

Relocate other Relevant Agencies for Smooth Supply of City Gas, Balanced Rearrangement of Relocated Agencies and IT Industry Support

  • Beef up supportive measures for companies to foster the strategic local industry including knowledge-based machinery and Aerospace industries as a growth engine of Korea
  • Strengthen industrial foundation by facilitating SME promotion and technology development