Free International City Leading International Exchange and Educational Training

Jeju will be promoted as a hub for both international exchange and educational training thanks to the implementation of Jeju special self-governing and free international city plans.

Selected Innovation City District & Number of Relocated Public Agencies

  • Seogwipo City Seohodong : 345,000 pyeong
  • 9 International Exchange and Educational Training Related Agencies

Relocate International Exchange Function Group to support the Strategy of Jeju Free International City

  • Contribute to peace and development in Northeast Asia through designation as the Island of Peace.

Relocate Educational Training Function Group Taking into Consideration the Local Characteristics such as Clean Environment and the Ripple Effect of Regional Economy

  • Facilitate region-specific industry such as tourism industry thanks to increased number of tourists.

Relocate other Relevant Agencies Including National Tax Management Agency Taking into Consideration the Characteristics of Agencies, Inducement Effect and Geographical Conditions